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Miranda Welch, LM, CPM

relationship-based, collaborative care


home midwifery care for Madison area families

Grassroots Midwifery is relationship-based care with your community midwife.  We all deserve person-centered, culturally appropriate, evidence-based care that is collaborative and trusting. We deserve to make confident, informed decisions for ourselves.  We deserve to be known as the expert of our selves and bodies, and to have full autonomy over them.  We deserve to have our whole selves embraced and our power supported.  

What does a home birth and home midwifery care mean for you?  How would you like to build your care team, and with what relationships?  What is this midwifery care my loved one has chosen for themselves?  Whatever brought you here, warmest welcomes to you.  And thank you for supporting midwives, birthing folks, and families in our beautiful community.  Birth matters.  

Miranda Welch, LM, CPM

My path to midwifery has been lifelong, ebbing and flowing from childhood to academia, social justice and community building.  Midwifery brought together all of my passions, hats and experiences in a beautiful hodge-podge of perfection.  I’ve been called to rise up with you, to practice grassroots midwifery – on the ground, everyday justice work.  Plus I get to work with and learn from awesome families!

Before becoming a Licensed Midwife, I supported Madison area families for 9 years as a professional doula and trained via home-based apprenticeship for 3.5 years.

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Home Midwifery Care

As your midwife, I am your partner in care that is you-centered and rooted in communication and informed-decision making.  Grounded in the normal variations of healthy pregnancies, labors, births, postpartums, and babies, I assist you in navigating the childbearing year and share skilled care, knowledgeable vigilance, and evidence-based considerations. You tell me what is best for you and your family.  Wherever it takes you, whatever it asks of you, we communicate every step of the way, and I work to safeguard the process without diminishing your power as you do your big work.  


your whole self is embraced & loved here

all people

all bodies

all identities

all families

“Miranda is a clever, compassionate, and cheerful person. I was comfortable going to her for any questions I had during my pregnancy. All questions were answered carefully and kindly, and if not in-person, prompt and comprehensively. During our visits, she facilitated discussion between my partner and I and helped us find common direction going forward. Any feelings of nervousness on my part, whether it be from the sensations of feeling pregnant, navigating changing relationships, or what the birth may look like, were all met with comfort and reassurance.  I believe that knowing I felt held, cared for, and safe, are some of the reasons my labor and birth went well.”